MATLAB - MathWork Troubleshooting Part-3
MATLAB - MathWork Troubleshooting Part-3

Setting Job Manager Security
A dialog box requires you to establish a user name and password when you first access the job manager from the MATLAB client ... A dialog box requires you to establish a user name and password when you first access the job manager from the MATLAB client ... Troubleshooting

Reported Limitations and Tips
When you write to the local variable via the Code Composer Studio Watch Window or via a MATLAB object, you are writing into the variable's absolute location (register or address in memory) ... When you have more than one version of Code Composer Studio installed on your machine, you cannot select which CCS version MATLAB Embedded Coder attaches to when you create a ticcs object

Using MEX-Files to Call C/C++ and Fortran Programs
The following steps show how to call this function in MATLAB, using a MATLAB matrix, by creating the MEX-file arrayProduct ... Open MATLAB Editor and copy your code into a new file ... Save the file on your MATLAB path, for example, in c:\work, and name it arrayProduct.c ... To see the contents of arrayProduct.c, open the file in the MATLAB Editor ... * This is a MEX-file for MATLAB ... MATLAB displays

Using the WebFigures feature in MATLAB Builder NE you can display MATLAB figures on a Web site for graphical manipulation by end users ... This enables them to use their graphical applications from anywhere on the Web without the need to download MATLAB or other tools that can consume costly resources ... The MATLAB Builder NE WebFigures feature uses the same renderer used when the figure

From Audio Device - Read audio data from computer's audio device
If you plug or unplug an audio device from your system, type clear mex at the MATLAB command prompt to update this list ... To select or change the Audio Hardware API, select Preferences from the MATLAB File menu ... If you are interested in using a different audio API, please search for PortAudio on the Matlab Central website ... Troubleshooting ... MATLAB

Examining Your Hardware Resources
Refer to Troubleshooting Your Hardware for more information about using vendor tools ... Note You cannot use the legacy interface on 64–bit MATLAB

Code Generation
Once you convert part or all of your model to code, you can deploy the stand-alone executable program on virtually any platform, independently of MATLAB ... Troubleshooting Simulation Errors

Effects of Time-Varying Simulink Source Blocks on Frequency Response Estimation
Setting Time-Varying Sources to Constant for Estimation (MATLAB Code) ... Troubleshooting Frequency Response Estimation

Tutorial: Creating Web Views of Simulink Models
Start a MATLAB software session ... Troubleshooting

C/C++ Source MEX-Files
mex compiles and links source files into a shared library called a binary MEX-file, which you can run at the MATLAB command line ... Once compiled, you treat binary MEX-files like MATLAB functions ... A Gateway Routine that interfaces C/C++ and MATLAB data ... It is through this routine that MATLAB accesses the rest of the routines in your MEX-files ... The MEX Library functions perform operations

About Preferences
MATLAB provides a variety of options called preferences for customizing MATLAB ... They remain persistent across sessions of MATLAB ... MATLAB and other MathWorks products store their preferences in the file matlab.prf ... This file loads when you start MATLAB ... To see the full path for the folder where matlab.prf and related files are located, type prefdir in the MATLAB Command Window

Building MEX-Files
MATLAB software supports many compilers and provides computer configuration files, called options files, designed specifically for these compilers ... On 32-bit Microsoft Windows platforms, MATLAB provides a C compiler, Lcc ... If you have difficulty creating MEX-files, see Creating a Source MEX-File, or refer to Troubleshooting MEX-Files ... MATLAB displays the following dialog ... MATLAB displays

Executing Functions and Creating Macros Using the Function Wizard
If your MATLAB function is ready to be deployed and you have already built your add-in and COM component with the Deployment Tool, follow this workflow to incorporate your built COM component into Microsoft Excel using the Function Wizard ... The Function Wizard also allows you to iteratively test, develop, and debug your MATLAB function ... Test your MATLAB function by executing it with

Image Types
For more information regarding graphics renderers in MATLAB, see Technical Note 1201: The Technical Support Guide to Graphics Rendering and Troubleshooting ... An RGB MATLAB array can be of class double, uint8, or uint16 ... Working with Images in MATLAB Graphics

Deploying Your Microsoft Visual Basic Application
In order to call compiled MATLAB functions from within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, perform the following from the Development and Deployment machines, as specified ... Note In order for a function to be called using the Microsoft Excel function syntax (=myfunction(input)), the MATLAB function must return a single scalar output argument ... From the MATLAB Command Prompt, enter mbuild

Microsoft Office
For this exercise, you save a copy of the demo model on the MATLAB path ... Set the Model file reference option to none (on MATLAB path) ... If you are adding requirements to a model that is not on the MATLAB path, select absolute, to indicate an absolute path to the model ... Note In DOORS requirements documents, clicking a navigation objects does not navigate back to your Simulink model; you

Writing and Reading Data
You control access to the MATLAB command line by specifying whether a read or write operation is synchronous or asynchronous ... Note When used in this guide, the terms synchronous and asynchronous refer to whether read or write operations block access to the MATLAB command-line ... The Output Buffer and Data Flow describes the flow of data from MATLAB software to the device

Version 1 and Version 2 Product Libraries
You can access this library by entering drivelib or driveline at the MATLAB command line ... You can access this product library by entering sdl_lib at the MATLAB command line ... See Modification and Troubleshooting of Automatically Converted Models

Choosing a Printer Driver
There are two main types of MATLAB printer drivers: built-in and Ghostscript ... Built-in MATLAB drivers are written specifically for it and include Windows, PostScript, and HPGL output formats ... MATLAB generates a PostScript representation of the figure and Ghostscript generates the printer instructions from that ... Windows drivers support most printer models, but sometimes the printer's

To Audio Device - Write audio data to computer's audio device
If you plug or unplug an audio device from your system, type clear mex at the MATLAB command prompt to update the list ... To select or change the Audio Hardware API, select Preferences from the MATLAB File menu ... If you are interested in using a different audio API, please search for PortAudio on the Matlab Central website ... You can open this demo by typing dspAudioPos at the MATLAB ... MATLAB

To work around this issue, you can add the MATLAB interface to the firewall exception list ... At the MATLAB Command Window, issue the xpctargetping command ... At the MATLAB command line, issue xpctargetping to reestablish communications ... Alternatively, you can exit and restart the MATLAB interface ... Use the following MATLAB commands from the host computer to validate the host/target setup:

Working with Generated Models
On your MATLAB path ... In your MATLAB present working folder ... See Inserting Reference Coordinate Systems into Assemblies Before Export in the following section, Troubleshooting Imported and Updated Models ... For more information, see Inserting Reference Coordinate Systems into Assemblies Before Export in the following section, Troubleshooting Imported and Updated Models

Using FIFO Queue and Single Server Blocks
For common problems and troubleshooting tips, see Unexpected Use of Old Value of Signal ... Open the model that you created in Building a Simple Discrete-Event Model, or enter simeventsdocex('doc_dd1') in the MATLAB Command Window to open a prebuilt version of the same model

Tutorial: Using Makefiles with Code Composer Studio 4.x
Enter xmakefilesetup at the MATLAB command prompt ... Troubleshooting DSS

Creating Input Signals for Estimation
When the frequency response estimation produces unexpected results, you can try modifying the input signal properties in the ways described in Troubleshooting Frequency Response Estimation ... How to Create Sinestream Signals (MATLAB Code) ... How to Create Sinestream Signals (MATLAB Code) ... How to Create Chirp Signals (MATLAB Code) ... How to Create Chirp Signals (MATLAB Code)

Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Plug-Ins
MEF parts are similar to MATLAB MEX files—each MEX file dynamically extends MATLAB just as parts dynamically extend .NET components ... To prevent security errors, particularly if you have a non-local installation of MATLAB, add an application configuration file to the project ... Create two MATLAB functions ... Create a metadata file for each MATLAB function ... Troubleshooting the MEF Host

Preparing to Use OPC Toolbox Software
These technologies, described in About OPC, allow you to browse for and connect to OPC servers on your network, and allow those OPC servers to interact with your MATLAB session using OPC Toolbox software ... If you receive a warning about having to reboot your computer, you must quit MATLAB and restart your computer for the changes to take effect ... Troubleshooting

Compiler or IDE Selection and Configuration
For a demo, enter sfcndemo_cppcount in the MATLAB Command Window ... If you run this demo from a non-Japanese MATLAB host machine, you must set up an international character set for Simulink ... For example, on a Microsoft Windows platform the default compiler is the Lcc C compiler shipped with the MATLAB product, which does not support C++ ... This folder must be on the MATLAB path

To Wave Device (Obsolete) - Send audio data to standard Windows audio device in real...
Troubleshooting ... MATLAB ... MATLAB

Linearizing Nonlinear Models
Automatically generate MATLAB code for batch linearization ... See Basic Linearization Troubleshooting ... MATLAB command-line interface

From Wave Device (Obsolete) - Read audio data from standard audio device in real-time...
Troubleshooting ... MATLAB

Simscape Pane: General
When you switch from Full to Restricted mode, all the add-on product licenses for the blocks present in the model remain checked out until the end of the MATLAB session ... If your model is stiff, and the use of explicit solvers undesirable, you may choose to select this option to avoid troubleshooting errors in the future

Custom Building MEX-Files
In general, the defaults that come with MATLAB software should be sufficient for building most binary MEX-files ... To determine the value for arch, type computer('arch') at the MATLAB Command Prompt on the target machine ... Build a binary MEX-file using the MATLAB Version 7.2 array-handling API, which limits arrays to 2 31 -1 elements ... Build a binary MEX-file using the MATLAB large-array

Enabling Access to a Remotable .NET Component
You or your users work extensively with many MATLAB data types ... You want to pass arguments and return values using standard .NET types, and you or your users don't work extensively with data types specific to MATLAB ... You want to access your component from a client machine without an installed version of MATLAB ... The native MWArray, MWStructArray, and MWCellArray classes are members of

Multivariate Normal Regression Types
Troubleshooting Multivariate Normal Regression ... Given NUMPARAMS parameters and NUMGROUPS groups with a parameter vector Parameters with NUMGROUPS * NUMPARAMS elements from any of the regression routines, the following MATLAB code fragment shows how to print a table of SUR parameter estimates with rows that correspond to each parameter and columns that correspond to each group or

Logging OPC Server Data
Often, for analysis, troubleshooting, and prototyping purposes, you will want to know how OPC server data has changed over a period of time ... Also, if you delete the dagroup object that logged the data without extracting that data to the MATLAB workspace, the data will be lost ... Logging data to a disk file usually means that you can log more data, and the data is not lost if you quit

Automatic PID Tuning
Open the Simulink model by typing the model name at the MATLAB command prompt ... Tip To perform further analysis on the plant model, click the Export plant model to workspace button to export the plant to the MATLAB workspace as an LTI object ... Select Export to Workspace to export your operating point to the MATLAB workspace ... Select Importing an LTI system or linearizing at an operating

Creating Model Structures at the Command Line
After model estimation, you can recognize the corresponding model objects in the MATLAB Workspace browser by their class names ... For more information about validating and troubleshooting models, see Validating Models After Estimation

Adjust Desktop Appearance
Note If you are running MATLAB on a Linux [1] or UNIX [2] platform, consider selecting Use antialiasing to smooth desktop fonts ... Note however, that this option requires you to restart MATLAB ... Unless you change it, MATLAB gets fonts from the operating-system font list ... Any fonts on the system list that MATLAB cannot display are excluded from its list ... Restart MATLAB ... The MATLAB Help

Example: Basic OPC Toolbox Acquisition Procedure using the OPC Tool GUI
To open the OPC Tool GUI, type opctool at the MATLAB prompt ... Select the MATLAB OPC Clients node in the OPC Toolbox Objects pane and click Add Client in the OPC Toolbox Objects toolbar ... Right-click the MATLAB OPC Clients node in the OPC Toolbox Objects tree and select Create Client ... See Troubleshooting for information on why a client may not be able to connect to a server

MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board Checks
MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) checks facilitate designing and troubleshooting models from which code is generated for automotive applications ... Identify Stateflow objects that use MATLAB expressions that are not suitable for code generation ... Do not use MATLAB functions, instructions, and operators in Stateflow objects ... See MAAB guideline db_0127: MATLAB commands in ... MATLAB

Controlling Block Linearization
In the Specify block linearization using a list, select MATLAB Expression ... Your configuration function must be on the MATLAB path during linearization ... Save this configuration function to a location on your MATLAB path ... Specify Linear System for Block Linearization Using MATLAB Expression ... Specify Linear System for Block Linearization Using MATLAB Expression ... Troubleshooting Linearization

Ordinary Differential Equations
MATLAB ODE solvers accept only first-order differential equations ... See Function Handles in MATLAB Programming Fundamentals for more information ... Note For information on function handles, see the function_handle (@), func2str, and str2func reference pages, and the Function Handles section in MATLAB Programming Fundamentals ... For your convenience, the entire problem is defined and solved

Estimate Parameters (Code)
When you perform a state or parameter estimation using the GUI, the software creates MATLAB objects for all the states and parameters in your model ... With the command-line approach, only those states and parameters that you select are assigned MATLAB objects, which is more efficient ... Simulink Design Optimization software uses MATLAB objects to perform estimation tasks

DO-178B Checks
DO-178B checks facilitate designing and troubleshooting models from which code is generated for applications that must meet safety or mission-critical requirements ... The diagnostic that specifies how the Simulink software resolves signals associated with Simulink.Signal objects in the MATLAB workspace is set to Explicit and implicit or Explicit and warn implicit