Rugged Windows CE field device with color screen
Rugged Windows CE field device with color screen

The GIS TSCe™ field device running Trimble® field software is the ideal combination for viewing, collecting, and maintaining data in the field. It integrates seamlessly with the Trimble GPS Pathfinder® Pro series receivers, along with the GPS Pathfinder Office data processing software and Trimble GPS Analyst™ extension for ESRI ArcGIS software, so you can be sure you have quality data for your GIS.

The GIS TSCe field device has a fast processor and large storage memory allowing images to be loaded quickly. The color screen provides a clear display which is easily viewable in sunlight.

The GIS TSCe field device has all the advantages of a Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET operating system in a rugged unit. The sealed casing and environmental specifications along with 30 hours of use on a single battery charge, make this a very versatile device.

Key features:

  • High resolution color touch screen for displaying graphical images
  • Fast 64 MB RAM and large 512 MB of storage memory, providing a quick display of graphics
  • Windows CE .NET operating system including internet and email support and standard serial port connections
  • Rugged environmental specifications for use in tough conditions and 30* hours of use from a single battery charge

* 30 hours of use achieved without the frontlight operating.