Bussines Partner Solution for Lidar in ArcGIS - Lidar Solution in ArcGIS
Bussines Partner Solution for Lidar in ArcGIS - Lidar Solution in ArcGIS

This blog was written by Clayton Crawford, Product Engineer on the 3D Analyst team in ESRI’s Software Products group in Redlands.

Business Partner Solutions for Lidar in ArcGIS 

ArcGIS provides lidar capabilities that are designed to answer the needs of most GIS end users. This is accomplished by providing generic, scalable tools that facilitate the use of lidar for high quality surface construction and analysis. That said, application and data specific tools can improve capability and efficiency for certain workflows. To this end, ESRI often relies on business partners for solutions.

We’ve partnered with several software solutions providers that offer products designed specifically for lidar. Some of these solutions are fully integrated in ArcGIS. Others are standalone applications that are complimentary to ArcGIS. In both cases these partners and their software are referenced below. Other partners that provide only lidar services, are not included because, depending on how you define service, their numbers can grow too large.


Merrick sells a standalone application designed to handle lidar called Merrick Advanced Remote Sensing (MARS). This software “includes a modular tool suite that is used to manage field collection, data analysis, quality assurance, production, and client deliverable workflows”. Evaluation copies and a free viewer are available. Find out more about MARS here.

Overwatch Systems, Visual Learning Systems

Overwatch VLS makes Lidar Analyst which “simplifies the process of extracting 3D features directly from lidar data and provides tools for accelerated extraction of bare earth (terrain), buildings, and trees”. A free trial version, including tutorial, is available for download. Find out more about Lidar Analyst here.


QCoherent makes LP360 for ArcGIS as well as several other standalone solutions. The feature rich LP360 “integrates LiDAR point cloud datasets into ArcGIS without requiring an import or conversion process”. Optional modules include Classify and Extractor. Free evaluation copies are available. Find out more about solutions from QCoherent here.

Ultra Electronics, Prologic

Prologic makes Lidar Explorer for ArcGIS. Included in their solution is a “framework for managing, visualizing, analyzing, and processing an entire project of LAS files (any number of files, any number of points) as a single layer within ArcMap”. They offer a free evaluation of the software as well as a free viewer. Find out more about Lidar Explorer here.


Business Partners provide a valuable service to many ArcGIS users. With their domain expertise they craft solutions that answer the needs of specific applications and workflows. Lidar is no exception and ESRI is thankful to have several partners that offer some very useful tools.

Read more about the ESRI Business Partner Program.

If you’re an ESRI Business Partner with a lidar solution, and feel you ought to be included in this post, please let us know.

Source: http://blogs.esri.com