ECW for ArcGIS Server - Serve ECW Imagery with ArcGIS Server
ECW for ArcGIS Server

Serve ECW Imagery with ArcGIS Server
Users worldwide rely on ERDAS' Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) technology to compress bulky imagery files into manageable sizes - all while preserving visual quality of the images. ECW compression enables users to save time during imagery processing and transfer, and ultimately reduces the hardware investment required to complete their geospatial workflows. Additionally, ECW includes multi-resolution level of detail within the file, eliminating the need to generate or distribute pyramids or overviews. ECW also supports opacity channels, allowing images to overlay other imagery cleanly without showing compression artifacts around the edges.

As a product, ECW for ArcGIS Server provides compatibility with the ECW format, enabling users to serve ECW imagery from ArcGIS Server 10 through ESRI-supported service interfaces. 

ECW for ArcGIS Server
Serve ECW Files from ArcGIS Server
ECW for ArcGIS Server provides a means for ArcGIS Server to deliver ECW data to clients via WCS and WMS.
ECW for ArcGIS ServerECW for ArcGIS Server

Deliver ECW Imagery from ArcGIS Server
Now, for the first time, ArcGIS Server users can deliver ECW imagery, providing the fastest decompression available. ECW is already supported in traditional desktop GIS, CAD and remote sensing packages such as ArcGIS®, AutoCAD®, ERDAS IMAGINE®, ER Mapper, FalconView™, Bentley Microstation®, ENVI® and PCI Geomatica®.

Accelerate Your Geospatial Workflow
With ECW support, ArcGIS Server users can leverage compression technology capable of quickly decompressing and opening massive files, in many cases faster than uncompressed imagery can be opened. This powerful extension enables ArcGIS Server to leverage the significant format advantages for high performance image serving in an ESRI environment.