Windows 7 64-bit Compatibility:

The IDRISI Taiga CD comes with a demo version of the CartaLinx Setup.exe.  This demo installation is not compatible with 64-bit systems and will return a compatibility error message when the user attempts to launch the CartaLinx demo installation. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.

Text does not display even though it is toggled on.
The box in Preferences/Text for converting point size to map units is checked on. Uncheck this, click on the Update All Nodes or Arcs Text button and press OK to exit Preferences.  If this box is not checked, simply click on the Update All.... button.

The Tables fields move to the left when I scroll through them so I can't see the end fields. 
To overcome this problem, use any or all of the following suggestions:

  • Position the Table on the top or bottom of the map display window to see more fields.

  • Make the fields invisible that you do not want to see.

  • Grab the field headings in the Table with your mouse and pull them to the left side of the table.

Selecting spatial features takes too long because it looks for and selects the corresponding record in the Table also.
In Preferences/Tables, uncheck the options which highlight the record/feature when the other is selected. This speeds up the selection process.

I seem to be filling up my hard disk. Where is the space going?
Starting with Version 1.01, CartaLinx creates a backup of the open coverage. The backup is made upon opening and upon each save. Note, however, that the backup version will always be one save behind. The backup versions are written to the same directory as the original. You can distinguish these backups because the last letter in the extension becomes the symbol “~”. Therefore, file.lnx and file.mdb become file.ln~ and CartaLinx never deletes these files, but you may do so if you wish.

I can't read my .mdb file for a coverage which was fine before.
If you have created an IDRISI .mdb file with the same name as a CartaLinx coverage, it has over-written the original .mdb file used by the CartaLinx coverage. You should never use the same names for CartaLinx coverages and IDRISI database files.

I can't snap anything with a new coverage I am creating.
The default snap tolerance for every new coverage is 0. Change this to an appropriate snap tolerance.

When I Clip using an external coverage, I am missing some arcs that should be there.
If the missing arcs are exactly coincidental with the arcs from the clip polygon in the external coverage, this error will occur.

Design Filter/ Calculation states my parameters are incorrect even though my query looks fine.
Certain field names such as "string" or "long" are reserved for Microsoft Access functions. Try using a different name for these fields.

My polygon file displays fine in ArcView/MapInfo but imports into CartaLinx with errors.
These data formats use a looser set of topological rules than CartaLinx. You can edit these errors in CartaLinx.

I cannot install Cartalinx over my network.
It must be installed locally. However, there is no problem in setting up the data directories on a server which can all be accessed from the local machines.

My digitizer puck is not responding.
Use the VTI Tablet Manager (Start/Programs) and check to make sure that the correct board is selected. In most cases, the board should use factory default settings. Then, within Tablet Manager, choose the Device Tab and press the Reset button to see if the puck responds.

The icon furthest to the right is cut off.
You are actually missing 4 more icons after this one. The problem is that your display is set to 800 x 600 with large fonts. If you make the fonts "small", all the icons will display.

What format of NMEA do you support?
The format is 0183 (183), of which there are several versions. This format (183) seems to be the only format listed by most GPS manufacturers and as they do not specify particular versions, we think it may not matter.

Every time I enter a numeric value which starts with 0, CartaLinx truncates the 0 from the beginning of the numeric value.
You must use a text field to enter in a value like this.

When I import an external .mdb, there are many tables from which to choose - which one do I choose?
You only need to be concerned with the nodes, arcs, and polygons tables. The others are artifacts of Access which allow the creation of ephemeral tables based on manipulations of that database. The presence of these other tables within your .mdb should not cause a problem and can be ignored.

I can't print from CartaLinx. I keep getting a printer "out of memory" error.
From Printer Setup, select your printer. Right click and choose Properties. From the graphics tab, make sure the Graphics Mode is set to "Use raster graphics", not "Use vector graphics". This option will use the computer's resources to store the bitmap to be printed. The "vector graphics" option sends the object directly to the printer, thus relying on the printer's memory to do the work.

I am re-installing CartaLinx on another machine but can't seem to re-install the VTI driver.
The VTI driver must be un-installed from the machine on which it was originally installed. Thus, the installation must literally be reinstated on the VTI driver diskette before attempting to install it on another machine.

What is an "Invalid Floating Point Operation" error?
This is a class of error related to performing a calculation which produces a result that does not fit the variable used to store the result. It is typically associated with the system display - including panning and zoom operations. This is a serious error that may make your system unstable. Save your coverage, exit CartaLinx, then start-up the program again. Please contact us if you receive this error.

When I export to IDRISI (16-bit) then import the same file back into CartaLinx, I see some differences in the X,Y coordinates.
CartaLinx stores X,Y coordinates in double precision while IDRISI (16-bit) uses single precision. Maintain your spatial data in CartaLinx. If you need to save the attributes you changed in Idrisi's Database Workshop, use the append external table function in CartaLinx to attach this table to the original coverage.