IDRISI Customer Support Frequently Asked Questions
IDRISI Customer Support Frequently Asked Questions

License Information

Does Clark Labs offer discounted pricing?
Clark Labs offers reduced pricing for students and accredited educational institutions. The Student license is for student use only and cannot be purchased by an educational institution on behalf of a student. The Academic license is intended for instructors and researchers at degree-granting institutions. The General license is intended for non-profit organizations, government agencies and private/corporate users. Non-profit organizations with high licensing requirements and/or financial constraints are encouraged to submit proposals to Clark Labs for a special purchasing agreement. Clark Labs also offers competitive pricing on multi-seat licenses as well as volume purchases.

Visit the Pricing page for details on all products. 

What is the difference between a Full Student license and a Student Starter license?
Clark Labs offers two types of student software packages for IDRISI Taiga and the Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS, both at a substantially reduced price. There are no functional limitations for these licenses. 

Full-Time Student license
The Full Student license is a  perpetual license, i.e., it does not expire or time out, and is eligible to upgrade. The Full IDRISI Taiga Student license is available for $295.00. The Full Land Change Modeler Student license is $195.

Student Starter license
The Student Starter license is a "timed out" version, expiring one year from activation. Purchasers of the Student Starter are not eligible for technical assistance, multiple installations, or version upgrades. The Student Starter license is available for $95. If your academic institution holds one of the Campus licenses, the Student Starter license is available for a reduced price of $39.

What is the difference between a Campus license and a Campus Maintenance license?
The Campus license is a perpetual license and the Campus Maintenance license is an annual license. Both Campus licenses include permission to use the IDRISI and CartaLinx software on an unlimited number of networked machines (on one server) at one physical campus site by both staff and students. Student Starter personal licenses are available for $39 (normally $95) to students attending classes on the campus. Student Starter licenses must be purchased separately by the students.

The Campus license is available for $6500. It does not require annual renewal and upgrades must be purchased separately. The Campus license includes technical support for 24 months.

The Campus Maintenance license is available at the start-up fee of $3250 with annual maintenance fees thereafter. For each annual term, users receive automatic upgrades to new versions when available as well as technical support.    

*If you already own an IDRISI Multi-seat license, you can transfer to one of the Campus licenses. The cost is based on the version and product you already own.  Please note that you cannot transfer individual licenses to multi-seat licenses.

Learn more about multi-seat licenses.

Does Clark Labs offer floating licenses or do we need to purchase licenses for each unique user? We’d like to provide access to the software to several individuals in our organization and they most likely will not use it simultaneously.
Clark Labs does provide the floating capability for General licenses only. The Floating General license automatically manages and shares the license(s) through the network. When the client connects to the license server, the server will assign him a license until the license limit has been reached. Once the client disconnects from the server, the license will be released automatically and the other user can start using the license.

The capacity to float your license(s) is offered at $500.  Therefore, if only one individual will be using the software at a time, you will need to purchase one General license plus one Floating license. If you want two individuals to use it at the same time, you will need to purchase two General licenses plus one Floating license.

What are the licensing terms for IDRISI Taiga?
The IDRISI software is furnished under a license, and may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of the license.  IDRISI is intended primarily as a low-cost vehicle for teaching and scholarly research.  Accordingly, generous discounts for academic and student licenses are available.

The IDRISI software is protected by United States Copyright Law and International Treaty provisions.  This software remains the property of the Clark Labs, Clark University.  However, Clark Labs grants the purchaser non-exclusive license to use this software subject to the terms outlined in this statement.

The purchaser of a single-user license is licensed to install and use the software on no more than one single-user computer system. The purchaser is also permitted to make a backup copy of the IDRISI distribution media for the sole purpose of protecting the purchaser's investment from loss.  The purchaser may not rent or lease the software, but may transfer the license upon written agreement from Clark Labs.  The user may not reverse-engineer, decompile, or disassemble the IDRISI software or any of its associated software programs contained on the distribution media.

The manual that accompanies this software is also protected by United States Copyright Law and International Treaty provisions.  All rights are reserved.  No part of the manuals may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, microfilm, recording, or otherwise, without written consent of Clark Labs.  Direct translation of any part of the manuals is also prohibited without the written permission of the copyright holder.

Ordering Guidelines and Payment Options

I’ve just ordered a Student license online.  How do I submit proof of my student status?  Which documents are acceptable?
A paid tuition bill, copy of a course registration, or email from an advisor is acceptable. We do not accept student ID cards. You can fax or email the required status documents to Clark Labs. The fax number is +1.508.793.8842.  Our email address is The student license will not be shipped until the student status documentation is received.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  We accept checks or money orders, which must be drawn on a United States bank in United States funds, made payable to “Clark University.”  Mail all checks with your order to ensure proper crediting of your account. 

We also accept Bank (Electronic wire) Transfers.  For specific instructions, please see our order form which can be downloaded at

If you are placing your order online, you must pay by credit card.

Do you accept purchase orders?
We accept purchase orders from academic institutions and government agencies only. We require a hard copy of the purchase order. You can fax or send the purchase order.

Installation, Activation and Compatibility Issues

I am having trouble downloading the software.  How big is the file?
The correct zip file size is 519 MB.  If you are having trouble, we suggest that you try to re-download using a faster connection with Internet Explorer. After you have successfully downloaded the file, confirm that it is 519 MB and extract the zip file.  If you have issues extracting, we suggest using the following extracting program called 7-Zip.  It is free and can be downloaded here:

How do I switch my IDRISI Taiga license from one machine to another?
If you want to move your license, you must “deactivate” it first from your current machine. You must deactivate the license if you wish to: 1) transfer the license to another machine or 2) for server installations only, redirect the UNC or mapped drive for network licensing.

1. To deactivate a license, launch the IDRISI Taiga License Manager.

2. Select the Deactivate License option and enter your password.

3. Click Deactivation to deactivate the license.

You may now install IDRISI on a new or reformatted machine, using the same License ID and password from your former machine. 

For any further technical inquiries, see

I purchased a license online and was sent a link to download the software.  When I select the link, I receive the message “Time expired.”  Can I still download the software?
When you opt for delivery via “Digital Download,” we send you a link that is operational for 72 hours.  After that time period expires, you will no longer be able to access our Download Center with that link.  Simply send us an email at to request a fresh download link.   

Is IDRISI Taiga 32-bit or 64-bit?
IDRISI Taiga is optimized to run under a 32-bit environment but runs successfully under both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows environments.

Is the IDRISI software compatible with Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008?

IDRISI is fully-supported under Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 environments.  Due to the User Accounts Control settings, specific steps are required during installation and activation that must be followed closely.  Before installing and activating IDRISI Taiga on a Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008 operating system, please consult the README text file found in the installation files. See for further information.

What is your policy on providing Technical Support?
Our standard Technical Support Policy covers the new user for 30 days from the activation date. To receive technical assistance after this period, you must purchase an annual Technical Support Contract.
· Technical Support for a single license $295.00
· Technical Support for a multi-seat (Lab Kit) license $750.00

See  All technical support is provided via email.

Trial Versions

How can I obtain a trial version of IDRISI?
Clark Labs offers a free 15-day trial version.  On most of the pages on our website is a Request Trial input box. Enter your email address in the Request Trial box, select the Go button and complete the requested contact information.  We will then email you a link to download the software within the next business day.  It will run in trial mode for 15 days upon installation.

I downloaded the IDRISI Taiga trial version but didn’t receive any password or activation code.  How do I activate it?
The IDRISI Taiga trial version does not require a License ID or Password to activate, though you will receive messages every time you open IDRISI informing you of the number of days left in trial mode, as well as a request to activate the license.  The trial version becomes active once installation is complete and remains active for 15 days from the date of installation.  If you wish to purchase the IDRISI Taiga license, you will be sent the codes to activate the software once payment has been received. During the 15-day trial period, you will have access to all of the software components.

Employment Opportunities

Is Clark Labs hiring?
If we have a vacant position at Clark Labs, it will be listed at the Clark University Human Resources page:  Please feel free to peruse the job opportunities here and submit a resume and cover letter to