IDRISI Taiga Installation Troubleshooting
IDRISI Taiga Installation Troubleshooting

IDRISI Taiga Installation and the IDRISI License Manager

The IDRISI Taiga installation requires every copy to be activated and licensed to a particular computer within 15 days of installation. Until activated, IDRISI Taiga will run in Trial Mode, allowing full access to the program for those 15 days. For those users of Windows 7 and Vista, carefully read the additional activation instructions below.

The IDRISI License Manager is used to activate and manage your IDRISI Taiga stand-alone or multi-seat license. To activate, locate the IDRISI Taiga program group accessed from the Windows Start Menu, and select the IDRISI License Manager. Then follow the instructions on each page. You can activate your license online or offline. However, activation for multi-seat licenses requires internet connection.

If you are activating with the online method (preferable as it is fastest), make sure you have your License ID and Password ready. These would have been supplied to you by Clark Labs, usually via email, after Clark Labs has processed your order. You also must be connected to the internet.

If you do not have access to the internet, you must use the offline activation method. You will need to convey to Clark Labs two user codes that will be generated by the License Manager. A unique registration key will then be given to you by Clark Labs to complete the activation process manually.

If you are not yet ready to activate the software, merely launch IDRISI. You will be prompted with a message informing you of the number of days left in Trial Mode. You will also be given the option to activate the license or open IDRISI.

Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 2008 Server Activation

The IDRISI Taiga installation takes advantage of Windows 7, Vista and 2008 Server User Account Control (UAC). The CD contains an MSI installation file that will be automatically installed as administrator. Once installed, it is very important that administrators follow the instructions below when activating and running IDRISI Taiga on a UAC supported platform.

When running the IDRISI Taiga License Manager, it must be run as an elevated administrator. Locate the IDRISI Taiga License Manager from the IDRISI Taiga program group and run as administrator by right-clicking and selecting “Run as Administrator.” Once the activation is completed, the IDRISI Taiga application must be run once as an elevated administrator. Again, locate the IDRISI Taiga program group and right-click to “Run as Administrator” before non-administrative users use the program.

Installation Ends Prematurely
The following error message may occur during installation: “Fatal Error. Installation ended prematurely because of an error.” This error occurs immediately after clicking the first ‘Next’ button on the first dialog on the Installation Wizard.

The solution is to register the vbscript.dll in Windows\System32 using regsvr32.exe from the ‘Run’ prompt. If this file is not found, it can be downloaded from Microsoft.

Moving an IDRISI license to another machine 

To move your IDRISI license to another machine, you must first deactivate your current license. This assumes online access. Open the IDRISI License Manager, enter your License ID and Password, then select Deactivate. You should receive a successful deactivation message. Now you may install IDRISI on a new machine, using the same License ID and Password from your former machine. If you do not have online access, contact Clark Labs.

Multi-Seat License Installation and Activation

IDRISI Taiga must first be installed and activated on the server before activating any networked clients. During the installation, you have the option of installing the full set of core files or only the license manager files on the server. The latter option installs only those files needed to manage client machines from a server. The full core files must be installed on all the clients.

If you install only the IDRISI License Manager files on the server, locate the file IDRLICMGR.EXE file in the installed IDRISI Taiga folder and right-click to "Run as Administrator." Follow the activation instructions. Note that the multi-seat license activation requires internet connection.

If you install the full IDRISI Taiga core files on the server, locate the IDRISI Taiga License Manager from the IDRISI Taiga program group and right-click to "Run as Administrator." Follow the activation instructions.

Important: Before proceeding with client activations, the administrator must share (e.g., to Everyone or Authenticated Users) the \\IDRISI Taiga\License folder and set the NTFS permissions on this folder and its contents to give Modify rights to all appropriate Users and Groups.

To activate clients, launch the IDRISI License Manager, select Client (Network) and enter the full path and filename of the license file on the server, e.g., \\<Server>\IDRISI Taiga\License\Taiga.

Special Note for Administrators
When activating a client through the IDRISI License Manager, a text file named floatpath is created in the local IDRISI Taiga\License folder containing the UNC path. Additional clients may be activated by copying this floatpath file to the local IDRISI Taiga\License folder of all clients, thus avoiding the need to run the IDRISI License Manager on every client.

On clients that are not using Windows 7 or Vista or not enabling UAC, non-admin logins to client machines must have Modify rights to the following locations where IDRISI Taiga is installed: idrusers.ini, idrisi32.ini, and the |Projects folder under the IDRISI Taiga folder. The location of the Projects folder can be redirected to a common area using IDRISI Explorer. Once in IDRISI Taiga, open IDRISI Explorer and its Projects tab. Right-click on the default Projects folder location and select New Projects folder.

Time Tampering Recovery

If you lose your license due to time tampering (e.g., setting the clock back and then forward again), your license can be recovered by setting it to the correct local time. However, if you set the system clock forward and then back again, the license file must be reset.

If you are online, open the IDRISI License Manager and select the Time Tampering Recovery link. Select the AutoFix option and click the Get Time button to sync your system clock with a universal clock via the web. Then click Fix Clock to recover your license

If you are offline, time tampering can only be resolved through the use of key codes. Select the Offline Time Fixing option to generate two User codes. Email or fax these codes to Clark Labs, along with your full contact information and Customer ID. Clark Labs will return to you two key codes. Enter these key codes and click Fix Clock to recover your license.