IDRISI Land Change Modeler Software for ArcGIS
IDRISI Land Change Modeler Software for ArcGIS

The Land Change Modeler is revolutionary land cover change analysis and prediction software which also incorporates tools that allow you to analyze, measure and project the impacts on habitat and biodiversity. Land Change Modeler includes a suite of intelligent tools that address the complexities of change analysis, resource management and habitat assessment while maintaining a simple and automated workflow. The Land Change Modeler is included within the IDRISI GIS and Image Processing software and is available as a software extension for use with ESRI’s ArcGIS product.  

Land Change Modeler provides:

  • A suite of tools for land cover change analysis, allowing you to quickly map changes in the landscape, identify and uncover land class transitions and trends, and monitor ongoing plans;
  • A modeling and prediction environment to create future landscape scenarios with the integration of user-specified drivers of change, such as slope or distance maps, as well as constraint or incentive information which would impact the scenario, such as infrastructure changes or zoning regulations;
  • A wide range of tools for incorporating habitat information to current and future landscape scenarios, thereby providing species-specific habitat assessment, detection of changes in habitat status, species distribution modeling and more;
  • Tools for the implementation of REDD projects including the ability to estimate deforestation baselines, and model and validate future deforestation scenarios.

Land Change Analysis with Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS

The Change Analysis panel provides a set of tools for understanding the nature and extent of landcover change, including graphs of gains and losses, net changes and contributions experienced by any category. A simple one-click interface provides the ability to generate rapid maps of change, persistence, specific transitions and exchanges between categories.

Land Use Prediction with Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS

Running the prediction process will yield hard and soft prediction maps. This soft prediction maps vulnerability to change for a selected set of transitions and provides a comprehensive assessment of change potential.

Species Habitat Assessment with Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS

The Habitat Assessment panel maps areas into categories of primary and secondary habitat, primary and secondary potential corridor and unsuitable lands based on landcover and habitat suitability. The user specifies parameters such as home range size, buffer widths, and gap crossing distances within range and during dispersal.

Species Distribution Modeling with Land Change Modeler for ArcGIS

The Implications tab of Land Change Modeler provides a set of utilities for species distribution modeling. In this illustration, a range polygon has been refined by establishing confidence in various portions of the original polygons based on a modeling from environmental variables. This confidence mapping then weights the mean and variance-covariance matrix that underlies the calculation of Mahalanobis Typicalities for modeling from presence data.