Mappetizer Version History
Mappetizer Version History

Mappetizer is continuously being enhanced. So please have a look on this page for possible updates.

Mappetizer for ArcGIS 10.x

The current version of MapViewSVG for ArcGIS 10.x is version 10.0.0 Beta 4.

Version 10 Beta 4
  • Point clustering
  • WebServices
  • Support of relates
  • Support of images on maps
  • Enhanced usage of raster layers
  • Displaying Layer descriptions and credits
  • Better handling for zooming and panning
  • Bug fixes
What it planed with coming Betas
  • Layers with same geometry
Version 10 Beta 3
  • Support of charts
  • Support of location search
  • Enhanced functionalities with charts on the map
  • Support of expressions for MapTip text
  • Usable without Internet access
  • Support of Dojo 1.6
  • Support of Dojo 1.6 Themes
Version 10 Beta 2
  • Support of raster fields in attribute table
  • Query manager
  • Printing functionality
  • Save and load of project settings
  • Support of domains an subtypes
  • Support of RasterCatalog layer
  • Information tooltips for layer problems
  • Map resize when resizing Legend
Version 10 Beta 1
  • Automatic tiling of vector layers
  • Automatic tiling of raster layers with with different zoom levels
  • Support of polygon tiling
  • Support of attribute data tiling
  • Support of Basemaps
  • Support of Dojo 1.5

Mappetizer for ArcGIS 8.x/9.x

The current version of MapViewSVG for ArcGIS 9.x is version 8.3.17.
The current version of MapViewSVG for ArcGIS 10.x is version 10.0.0 Beta 1.

Version 8.3
  • Enhancements in overview
  • Mouse wheel for zoomin and zoomout is now supported
  • WMS-Layer supports now EPSG:900913
  • Automatic change of field names now works with identify too
  • Hyperink fields in relates are now supported
  • Dojo Toolkit 1.4.3
  • Bug fixes
Version 8.2
  • Enhanced and customizable printing
  • Silverlight export is customizable
  • Location search for line and polygon layer
  • Bug fixes
Version 8.1
  • Option "Do not scale symbols" now available for PictureMarkerSymbols
  • Support of OpenStreetMap Tile-Images und requests on Wikipedia Geocoding Webservice (GeoNames)
  • Identify supports now GIF, PNG und JPG pictures within all fields
  • Bug fixes
Version 8.0
  • Support of Microsoft Silverlight format
  • Integration of the modular JavaScript library Dojo Toolkit, support of Dojo widgets
  • New written Javascript library with easier access
  • Multiple Identify (Ctrl key within new window option)
  • Extended measure tool (areas, summation)
  • One query manager for all layers
  • Support of hyperlinks in the attribute table
  • Zooming and panning are possible within the measuring procedure
  • JavasScript-functions now available within the identify tool
  • Aliases for hyperlinks
  • Bug fixes


The current version of Mappetizer is version 3.0.5.

Version 3.0
  • Automatic tiling of vector layers
  • Automatic tiling of raster layers with with different zoom levels
  • Query manager
  • Support of WMS servers
  • Support of OpenStreetMap
  • Support of DXF format
  • GPX format is fully supported
  • Enhanced symbol editing
  • Symbols can be scaled
  • New export language turkish
  • Support of Dojo 1.5
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.5
  • Map and layout settings can be reviewd in a perview window
  • Layers can be displayed in a preview window
  • The setting of the original extent can be done interactively
  • The size of point and line symbols can be controlled by a reference scale
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.0
  • Support of the most common geo formats (Shapefile, Mif/Mid, Mapinfo, DXF, GML, GPX)
  • Support of raster formats (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG)
  • Settings for minimal and maximal zoom scale
  • View the map in an individual scale
  • Width and height of the map can be changed individually
  • Width of the legend can be changed individually
  • Width of the overview map can be changed individually
  • Zoom to overview
  • Individual zooming and panning
  • Scale bar
  • Measurement tools
  • Coordinate read-out
  • Puplication in several languages
  • Several layout settings
  • Changeable Templates
  • Mapscale dependent view of layers
  • Turn on and off individual layers
  • Layers can be switched on or off when loading the map
  • Several symbol types (Single Symbol, Unique Value, Graduated Colors, Graduated Symbols)
  • Attribute fields can be switched on and off
  • Alias names for attribute fields
  • Labeling feature
  • Support of scale ranges for labeling
  • Identify for layer
  • Showing attribute table for layer
  • Hyperlinks for E-Mail and other URL-adresses (internal and external links)
  • Show ToolTipText for layers, as many as you like
  • Fast zoom due to attribute informations
  • Choose the visibility of the layers when the page will be loaded in the browser
  • Advanced layout settings: supporting hided legends, add layers only to the map
  • Support of several layers in overview map
  • Settings in wizard can be saved and load
  • Integrated zooming tool in attribute tables
  • Dynamically loading of layers dependent on current zoom level
  • Integrated zooming tool in attribute tables
  • Software update over Internet
  • Bug fixes

MapViewSVG for ArcView GIS

The current version of MapViewSVG for ArcView GIS 3.x is version 4.3.12.

Version 4.3
  • Support for Opera, Firefox and Safari
  • More layout settings (e.g. width of the combobox in the object selection, pensize of the measure line)
  • The measure line follows the cursor within the measure tool
  • Bug fixes
Version 4.2
  • Additional settings of the "Identifying Features on the Map" -> "Display as Chart"
  • Query Builder supports wildcard queries
  • Bug fixes
Version 4.1
  • Better performance for "Identify" and "Object Selection" when using SVG solution
  • Object information window has now scrollbars when using SVG solution
  • Supporting highlighting for transparent objects
  • print button
  • Bug fixes
Version 4.0
  • Informations about objects can be displayed either as list or as bar chart
  • Layout of the SVG Solution can be adapted via templates
  • Support of Shapetyp Multipoint with CompositeMarkers
  • Bug fixes