Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Products
Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Products

SSB archives several NESDIS operational SST products. Once per week, NESDIS produces a tape containing eight days (seven days prior to Nov. 1, 1986) of 8-km resolution (50-km prior to Nov. 17, 1981) SST observations from a current operational TIROS-N series satellite. Twice per month the daily 100-km (Global-Scale Analysis) gridded SST fields produced from these observations are archived to tape. NESDIS produced 500-km gridded SST fields (Climatic-Scale analysis) on a monthly basis until November 1, 1984, when this product was discontinued. NESDIS expanded the Regional-Scale Analysis (50-km) from three regions to five regions on August 1, 1986 and introduced the 14-km gridded (Local-Scale analysis) SST fields over nine selected regions on January 1, 1986. Monthly means are produced from the observations on a 250-km grid (SST Monthly Mean) and archived yearly. Any queries regarding SST products should be directed to the National Climatic Data Center, Climate Services Division, 151 Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801, where all but the latest CCTs containing SST data are currently archived.

The 14-km gridded, 50-km gridded, and 100-km gridded SST fields are generated by NESDIS in the SST Field Format which is described in Section 5.2.1. Section 5.2.2 describes the SST Observation File and the SST Monthly Mean is described in Section 5.2.3.

Most SST archive tapes contain a Header File which will usually be the first file on tape. The Header File consists of one 400-byte physical record which contains some of the information shown in Table 5.2-1.

Table 5.2-1. Format of the SST Header File.
Word # # Bytes Content Range
1-20 80 Title of data set archived in File 2 of this tape 1-80 characters with blank fill
21-27 28 Data set name of disk data set 1-28 characters with blank fill
28-29 8 Original archive tape number 1-8 characters with blank fill
Date of earliest data on tape:
30 1 Year 0-99
1 Month 1-12
1 Day 1-31
1 Blank n/a
Date of most current data on tape:
31 1 Year 0-99
1 Month 1-12
1 Day 1-31
1 Blank n/a
Date and time when data was archived from disk to tape:
32 4 Year 0-99
33 4 Month 1-12
34 4 Day 1-31
35 4 Hour 0-23
36 4 Minute 0-59
37 4 Second 0-59
38 4 Number of records of data in File 2 of tape n/a
39 4 Number of files of data on the tape (not counting Header file) n/a
40-100 244 Spare n/a