Alphabetic List of ENVI Library Routines
Alphabetic List of ENVI Library Routines
PageIDRoutine Name PageIDDescription
PageIDADAPT_FILT_DOIT PageID Perform adaptive filtering.
PageIDAIRSAR_HEADER_DOIT PageID Read an Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (AIRSAR) header.
PageIDAIRSAR_PED_HEIGHT_DOIT PageID Calculate pedestal height images from an AIRSAR compressed stoked matrix.
PageIDAIRSAR_PHASE_IMAGE_DOIT PageID Calculate phase images from an AIRSAR compressed stokes matrix.
PageIDAIRSAR_POLSIG_DOIT PageID Calculate polarization signatures from an AIRSAR compressed stokes matrix.
PageIDAIRSAR_SCATTER_DOIT PageID Calculate scatter classification for an AIRSAR compressed stokes matrix.
PageIDAIRSAR_SYNTH_DOIT PageID Synthesize AIRSAR images.
PageIDASPECT_DOIT PageID Make aspect corrections to Landsat Multispectral Scanner (MSS) image data.
PageIDAUTO_WID_MNG PageID Automatically perform event handling for ENVI compound widgets.
PageIDBAD_DATA_DOIT PageID Remove bad data lines.
PageIDCF_DOIT PageID Create an output file to disk or memory from bands in the Available Bands List.
PageIDCLASS_CONFUSION_DOIT PageID Compute a classification confusion matrix.
PageIDCLASS_CS_DOIT PageID Clump or sieve a classification image.
PageIDCLASS_DOIT PageID Perform supervised classification.
PageIDCLASS_MAJORITY_DOIT PageID Perform majority or minority analysis on a classification image.
PageIDCLASS_RULE_DOIT PageID Classify rule images.
PageIDCLASS_STATS_DOIT PageID Calculate class statistics.
PageIDCOM_CLASS_DOIT PageID Combine classes.
PageIDCONTINUUM_REMOVE_DOIT PageID Perform Continuum Removal.
PageIDCONV_DOIT PageID Perform convolution filtering.
PageIDCONVERT_DOIT PageID Convert interleave type.
PageIDCONVERT_INPLACE_DOIT PageID Convert in place between storage types.
PageIDCROSS_TRACK_CORRECTION_DOIT PageID Remove variation in the cross-track illumination of an image.
PageIDDARK_SUB_DOIT PageID Perform dark subtraction.
PageIDDECOR_DOIT PageID Perform saturation stretch.
PageIDDEM_BAD_DATA_DOIT PageID Correct bad data points in digital elevation models (DEMs).
PageIDDESKEW_DOIT PageID Deskew MSS data.
PageIDDESTRIPE_DOIT PageID Destripe image data.
PageIDDISP_GET_LOCATION PageID Return the x,y location of a selected pixel.
PageIDDISP_GOTO PageID Move the cursor to a specified location.
PageIDDISP_OUT_IMG PageID Output to Postscript.
PageIDELINE_CAL_DOIT PageID Perform empirical line Calibration.
PageIDEMITTANCE_CALC_DOIT PageID Convert emissivity.
PageIDENVI PageID Restore base ENVI save files (.sav) for batch mode.
PageIDENVIZOOM PageID Restore ENVI Zoom save files (.sav).
PageIDENVI_ACE_DOIT PageID Perform Adaptive Coherence Estimator target detection analysis.
PageIDENVI_ADD_PROJECTION PageID Add a projection to ENVI.
PageIDENVI_ASSIGN_HEADER_VALUE PageID Set user-defined header values.
PageIDENVI_AUTO_TIE_POINTS_DOIT PageID Automatically calculate tie points for two images, making fully automatic image registration possible.
PageIDENVI_AVHRR_CALIBRATE_DOIT PageID Calibrate Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) data or compute AVHRR sea surface temperature (SST).
PageIDENVI_AVHRR_GEOMETRY_DOIT PageID Compute the AVHRR geometry (latitude and longitude), solar zenith angles, and sensor zenith angles for each pixel.
PageIDENVI_AVHRR_WARP_DOIT PageID Warp AVHRR data or resulting AVHRR data products.
PageIDENVI_BANDMAX_SELECT_BANDS PageID Perform the BandMax background suppression algorithm to derive a subset of significant bands using input target and background spectra.
PageIDENVI_BATCH_EXIT PageID Exit ENVI from the non-menu batch mode.
PageIDENVI_BATCH_INIT PageID Initialize ENVI from the non-menu batch mode.
PageIDENVI_BATCH_STATUS_WINDOW PageID Enable and disable the ENVI batch status window.
PageIDENVI_BUFFER_ZONE_DOIT PageID Create a buffer zone image from a classification image.
PageIDENVI_CAL_DOIT PageID Spectrally calibrate images using flat field or internal average relative reflectance (IARR).
PageIDENVI_CEM_DOIT PageID Perform Constrained Energy Minimization target detection analysis.
PageIDENVI_CENTER PageID Return the centering offsets for a widget.
PageIDENVI_CLOSE_DISPLAY PageID Close a display group.
PageIDENVI_CLOVER_DOIT PageID Overlay classes.
PageIDENVI_COLLECT_SPECTRA PageID Perform Endmember Collection.
PageIDENVI_COMPUTE_SUN_ANGLES PageID Compute sun angles.
PageIDENVI_CONVERT_FILE_COORDINATES PageID Convert between map and pixel coordinates.
PageIDENVI_CONVERT_FILE_MAP_PROJECTION PageID Convert a file from its current map projection to an output projection.
PageIDENVI_CONVERT_LIDAR_DATA_DOIT PageID Read a light detection and ranging (LIDAR) data file in log ASCII standard (LAS) format and convert it to either an ENVI image file or an ENVI vector file (EVF).
PageIDENVI_CONVERT_PROJECTION_COORDINATES PageID Convert map coordinates between projections.
PageIDENVI_CREATE_ROI PageID Create a new Region of Interest (ROI).
PageIDENVI_CUBE_3D_DOIT PageID Build a 3D image cube.
PageIDENVI_DEFAULT_STRETCH_CREATE PageID Return an ENVI default stretch structure.
PageIDENVI_DEFINE_MENU_BUTTON PageID Add buttons to the ENVI menu system automatically from a user-defined routine in a .pro or .sav file within the save_add directory.
PageIDENVI_DEFINE_ROI PageID Add pixels to an ROI.
PageIDENVI_DISP_QUERY PageID Return display group information.
PageIDENVI_DISPLAY_BANDS PageID Display an image in a display group.
PageIDENVI_DOIT PageID Use this interface for all of the ENVI processing (_DOIT) routines.
PageIDENVI_ENTER_DATA PageID Enter an image into memory as an ENVI file.
PageIDENVI_ENVISAT_GEOREF_DOIT PageID Georeference Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer (AATSR)-, Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR)-, and Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS)-format Environmental Satellite (ENVISAT) data.
PageIDENVI_EVF_DEFINE_ADD_RECORD PageID Add a record to a new EVF.
PageIDENVI_EVF_DEFINE_CLOSE PageID Close an EVF ID for editing.
PageIDENVI_EVF_INFO PageID Return information about an EVF.
PageIDENVI_EVF_OPEN PageID Open an EVF and return an EVF ID.
PageIDENVI_EVF_READ_RECORD PageID Read EVF records into an IDL variable.
PageIDENVI_EVF_TO_SHAPEFILE PageID Output an EVF to shapefile format.
PageIDENVI_FILE_MNG PageID Close or delete ENVI files.
PageIDENVI_FILE_QUERY PageID Return information about a data file.
PageIDENVI_FILE_TYPE PageID Translate between a file type code and description.
PageIDENVI_FILTER_DOIT PageID Build a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) filter.
PageIDENVI_FX_DOIT PageID Perform ENVI Feature Extraction on an image. This procedure is only available if you have both ENVI and ENVI EX installed and licensed.
PageIDENVI_GEOREF_FROM_GLT_DOIT PageID Georeference an associated image with the geographic lookup table (GLT) file output from GLT_DOIT.
PageIDENVI_GET_CONFIGURATION_VALUES PageID Return the current setting for ENVI configuration items.
PageIDENVI_GET_DATA PageID Return spatial image data from a file.
PageIDENVI_GET_DISPLAY_NUMBERS PageID Return a list of display numbers.
PageIDENVI_GET_FILE_IDS PageID Return all file IDs for all open files.
PageIDENVI_GET_HEADER_VALUE PageID Return user-defined values.
PageIDENVI_GET_IMAGE PageID Return spatial image data from a display group.
PageIDENVI_GET_MAP_INFO PageID Return map information from a display group.
PageIDENVI_GET_PATH PageID Return the path where the current version of ENVI is installed.
PageIDENVI_GET_PROJECTION PageID Return projection information.
PageIDENVI_GET_RGB_TRIPLETS PageID Return RGB triplets for graphics color index.
PageIDENVI_GET_ROI PageID Return ROI pixel addresses as 1D subscripts.
PageIDENVI_GET_ROI_DATA PageID Return image data associated with an ROI.
PageIDENVI_GET_ROI_DIMS_PTR PageID Return DIMS ROI pointer for use with the DIMS variable.
PageIDENVI_GET_ROI_INFORMATION PageID Return information associated with defined ROIs.
PageIDENVI_GET_SLICE PageID Return a spectral slice from an image.
PageIDENVI_GET_STATISTICS PageID Return values from an ENVI statistics file.
PageIDENVI_GET_TILE PageID Return one spatial or spectral tile of image data.
PageIDENVI_GLT_DOIT PageID Build a GLT from input geometry.
PageIDENVI_GRID_DOIT PageID Convert irregularly gridded points to raster image.
PageIDENVI_GS_SHARPEN_DOIT PageID Perform Gram-Schmidt spectral sharpening.
PageIDENVI_ICA_DOIT PageID Perform forward Independent Components transform.
PageIDENVI_ICA_INV_DOIT PageID Perform inverse Independent Components transform.
PageIDENVI_INFO_WID PageID Display text data in a "report" widget.
PageIDENVI_INIT_TILE PageID Initialize tile processing and return the tile ID.
PageIDENVI_IO_ERROR PageID Report input/output processing errors.
PageIDENVI_LAYER_STACKING_DOIT PageID Build a new multi-band file from georeferenced images of various pixel sizes, extents, and projections.
PageIDENVI_MAP_INFO_CREATE PageID Return map information.
PageIDENVI_MASK_APPLY_DOIT PageID Apply a mask to a file.
PageIDENVI_NEURAL_NET_DOIT PageID Perform classification using a neural net method.
PageIDENVI_OPEN_DATA_FILE PageID Open an external (non-ENVI) image file.
PageIDENVI_OPEN_FILE PageID Open an ENVI file.
PageIDENVI_OSP_DOIT PageID Perform Orthogonal Subspace Projection target detection analysis.
PageIDENVI_OUTPUT_TO_EXTERNAL_FORMAT PageID Output image data to an external (non-ENVI) format.
PageIDENVI_PC_SHARPEN_DOIT PageID Perform principal components spectral sharpening.
PageIDENVI_PICKFILE PageID Use this widget to select a filename from disk.
PageIDENVI_PLOT_DATA PageID Create an x,y plot.
PageIDENVI_PROJ_CREATE PageID Create ENVI projection information.
PageIDENVI_QUERY_VERSION PageID Return the current version of ENVI.
PageIDENVI_RADARSAT_GEOREF_DOIT PageID Extract embedded geolocation points from a processed Radarsat file.
PageIDENVI_READ_COLS PageID Read ASCII column data.
PageIDENVI_REGISTER_DOIT PageID Warp image data.
PageIDENVI_REPORT_ERROR PageID Report error message strings through the standard ENVI error reporting mechanism.
PageIDENVI_REPORT_INC PageID Set the status report increment.
PageIDENVI_REPORT_INIT PageID Initialize and end a status report.
PageIDENVI_REPORT_STAT PageID Update status report widget with percent complete.
PageIDENVI_RESAMPLE_SPECTRA PageID Spectrally resample individual spectra.
PageIDENVI_RESTORE_ROIS PageID Restore saved ROIs.
PageIDENVI_ROI_TO_IMAGE_DOIT PageID Create a classification image from ROIs.
PageIDENVI_RXD_DOIT PageID Perform Reed-Xiaoli anomaly detection on a multispectral or hyperspectral image.
PageIDENVI_SEAWIFS_GEOMETRY_DOIT PageID Calculate the geometry for Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) and Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS)-format Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensors (SeaWiFS) data.
PageIDENVI_SEAWIFS_GEOREF_DOIT PageID Georeference HDF and CEOS-format SeaWiFS data.
PageIDENVI_SEGMENT_DOIT PageID Segment a classification image into unique spatially contiguous "blobs."
PageIDENVI_SELECT PageID Use this widget to select an open ENVI file or band.
PageIDENVI_SENSOR_TYPE PageID Translate between sensor type code and description.
PageIDENVI_SET_INHERITANCE PageID Return the ENVI inheritance structure.
PageIDENVI_SETUP_HEAD PageID Write an ENVI header file for an image.
PageIDENVI_SMACC_DOIT PageID Perform Sequential Maximum Angle Convex Cone (SMACC) processing on an input file.
PageIDENVI_SPECTRAL_RESAMPLING_DOIT PageID Spectrally resample image or spectral library files.
PageIDENVI_STATS_DOIT PageID Calculate statistics from a data file.
PageIDENVI_SUBSPACE_BACKGROUND_STATS_DOIT PageID Remove anomalous pixels prior to running statistics-based spectral detection methods.
PageIDENVI_SUM_DATA_DOIT PageID Calculate a number of statistical parameters on a set of bands.
PageIDENVI_SVM_DOIT PageID Perform supervised image classification using a support vector machine (SVM).
PageIDENVI_SYNTHETIC_COLOR_DOIT PageID Calculate synthetic color image.
PageIDENVI_TCIMF_DOIT PageID Perform Target-Constrained Interference-Minimized Filter target analysis.
PageIDENVI_TCIMF_MF_DOIT PageID Perform Mixture Tuned Target-Constrained Interference-Minimized Filter target detection analysis.
PageIDENVI_THERMAL_CORRECT_DOIT PageID Perform thermal infrared atmospheric correction.
PageIDENVI_TILE_DONE PageID Complete tile processing.
PageIDENVI_TOGGLE_CATCH PageID Toggle the ENVI error catching mechanism on and off.
PageIDENVI_TRANSLATE_PROJECTION_NAME PageID Convert projection names.
PageIDENVI_TRANSLATE_PROJECTION_UNITS PageID Translate projection units.
PageIDENVI_USER_DEFINED_ANNOTATION PageID Create an ENVI annotation file or append items to an existing annotation file.
PageIDENVI_VEG_INDEX_AVAILABLE_INDICES PageID Determine the number of vegetation indices that you can calculate on an input data file.
PageIDENVI_VEG_INDEX_DOIT PageID Calculate vegetation indices from a spectral input image.
PageIDENVI_VEG_SUPPRESS_DOIT PageID Suppress vegetation spectral signatures.
PageIDENVI_WRITE_COSMOSKYMED_METADATA PageID Write the metadata from a COSMO-SkyMed data file to XML.
PageIDENVI_WRITE_DBF_FILE PageID Output an EVF attribute file to DBF format.
PageIDENVI_WRITE_ENVI_FILE PageID Convert an IDL image array to an ENVI image.
PageIDENVI_WRITE_FILE_HEADER PageID Write/re-write an ENVI header file to preserve changes to user-defined header values.
PageIDENVI_WRITE_STATISTICS PageID Write an ENVI statistics file.
PageIDFFT_DOIT PageID Perform FFT filtering.
PageIDFFT_INV_DOIT PageID Apply FFT filter and perform inverse FFT.
PageIDGAINOFF_DOIT PageID Apply gain and offset to each input band.
PageIDGEN_IMAGE_DOIT PageID Generate test images.
PageIDHANDLE_VALUE PageID Get and set handle values.
PageIDHIST_EXPORT_DOIT PageID Output images using an applied lookup table (LUT).
PageIDMAGIC_MEM_CHECK PageID Clear out the necessary memory cache for in-memory functions.
PageIDMATCH_FILTER_DOIT PageID Perform Matched Filtering.
PageIDMATCH_FILTER_MT_DOIT PageID Perform Mixture Tuned Matched Filtering (MTMF).
PageIDMATH_DOIT PageID Perform Band Math.
PageIDMNF_DOIT PageID Perform Minimum Noise Fraction (MNF) transform.
PageIDMNF_INV_DOIT PageID Perform inverse MNF transform.
PageIDMORPH_DOIT PageID Perform morphological filtering.
PageIDMOSAIC_DOIT PageID Mosaic image bands or band combinations.
PageIDMUNSELL_DOIT PageID Convert RGB image to Munsell coordinates.
PageIDMUNSELL_INV_DOIT PageID Calculate RGB image from Munsell coordinates.
PageIDNDVI_DOIT PageID Create a normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI).
PageIDPC_ROTATE PageID Calculate principal components rotation.
PageIDPPI_DOIT PageID Calculate Pixel Purity Index (PPI).
PageIDRADAR_INC_ANGLE_DOIT PageID Calculate incidence angle image from radar.
PageIDRATIO_DOIT PageID Calculate band ratios.
PageIDRESIZE_DOIT PageID Spatially resize data.
PageIDRGB_GET_BANDS PageID Display a dialog for selecting three bands from the Available Bands List.
PageIDRGB_ITRANS_DOIT PageID Perform inverse color transform.
PageIDRGB_TRANS_DOIT PageID Perform forward color transform.
PageIDROC_CURVE_DOIT PageID Calculate receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves.
PageIDROI_THRESH_DOIT PageID Create a threshold ROI.
PageIDROTATE_DOIT PageID Rotate images.
PageIDRTV_DOIT PageID Perform raster-to-vector conversion.
PageIDSAT_STRETCH_DOIT PageID Perform saturation stretch.
PageIDSHARPEN_DOIT PageID Perform image sharpening.
PageIDSIRC_HEADER_DOIT PageID Read a Shuttle Imaging Radar-C (SIR-C) header.
PageIDSIRC_MULTILOOK_DOIT PageID Multilook SIR-C images.
PageIDSIRC_PED_HEIGHT_DOIT PageID Calculate pedestal height images from a SIR-C compressed data products file.
PageIDSIRC_PHASE_IMAGE_DOIT PageID Calculate phase images from a SIR-C compressed data products file.
PageIDSIRC_POLSIG_DOIT PageID Calculate polarization signatures from a SIR-C compressed data products file.
PageIDSIRC_SYNTH_DOIT PageID Synthesize SIR-C images.
PageIDSLICE_DOIT PageID Output a vertical or horizontal spectral slice to a file.
PageIDSLT2GND_DOIT PageID Convert slant-to-ground range.
PageIDSPECTRAL_FEATURE_DOIT PageID Perform Spectral Feature Fitting (SFF).
PageIDSTRETCH_DOIT PageID Perform a contrast stretch of image data.
PageIDTASCAP_DOIT PageID Create Tasseled Cap vegetation and soil indices.
PageIDTEXTURE_COOCCUR_DOIT PageID Calculate co-occurrence texture measures.
PageIDTEXTURE_STATS_DOIT PageID Calculate occurrence texture measures.
PageIDTIMS_CAL_DOIT PageID Calibrate Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner (TIMS) data to radiance.
PageIDTMCAL_DOIT PageID Calibrate Landsat MSS, TM, and ETM+ data to radiance or reflectance.
PageIDTOPO_DOIT PageID Perform topographic modeling of DEMs.
PageIDTOPO_FEATURE_DOIT PageID Create a topographic feature classification image.
PageIDUNMIX_DOIT PageID Perform Linear Spectral Unmixing.
PageIDVAX_IEEE_DOIT PageID Perform VAX Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) floating-point conversion.
PageIDWIDGET_AUTO_BASE PageID Create a base widget for auto-managed events.
PageIDWIDGET_EDIT PageID Create a compound widget used to edit multiple values from lists.
PageIDWIDGET_GEO PageID Create a compound widget used to specify latitude and longitude values.
PageIDWIDGET_MAP PageID Create a compound widget that allows you to input and edit map coordinates and projections.
PageIDWIDGET_MENU PageID Create a widget with a menu of exclusive and non-exclusive items.
PageIDWIDGET_MULTI PageID Create a widget used to select multiple items from a list.
PageIDWIDGET_OUTF PageID Create a menu used to select an output filename.
PageIDWIDGET_OUTFM PageID Create a menu used to select an output filename with the option to save the result to memory.
PageIDWIDGET_PARAM PageID Create a widget used for entering numeric parameters.
PageIDWIDGET_PMENU PageID Create a widget with a drop-down list.
PageIDWIDGET_RGB PageID Create a widget used to modify an RGB color value with the option of using other color space models.
PageIDWIDGET_SLABEL PageID Create a widget used to display a text message with scroll bars.
PageIDWIDGET_SLIST PageID Create a widget with a list.
PageIDWIDGET_SSLIDER PageID Create a widget used to set a numeric value with a slider.
PageIDWIDGET_STRING PageID Create a widget used to enter a text string.
PageIDWIDGET_SUBSET PageID Create a widget with a Spatial Subset button, which displays ENVI's Select Spatial Subset dialog.
PageIDWIDGET_TOGGLE PageID Create a widget with a toggle button.

Source: ENVI 4.7 Help