What is mobile GIS?
What is mobile GIS?

For many people, the client of choice for accessing and working with Web content is their mobile phone. These devices have enabled people to connect to and use the Internet just as easily as making a phone call.

Connecting to and working with their GIS is also part of this trend. In ArcGIS, a mobile device is another rich Web client that can connect to and utilize Web GIS.

In addition, many users collect information in the field with a mobile device, while others use larger format Tablet PCs in their daily field operations.

ArcGIS supports Web access to ArcGIS services for all these mobile options, and all these mobile clients can access and use ArcGIS Web maps.

Using mobile GIS to work remotely with map services and other GIS services

ArcGIS supports the use of a broad range of mobile devices—including Tablet PCs, in-vehicle mounted systems, Windows smartphones, and Apple iPhones—to use, collect, update, and share geographic information.

Windows Mobile

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile includes applications for Windows Tablet and Windows Mobile devices. These applications are used to view, collect, and update geographic information in the field.

Field data collection
Mobile GIS maps can be used for collecting data in the field and for receiving and viewing status reports on a mobile map.

Support for Windows Mobile also includes a developer's SDK that is used to create custom applications and to extend the out-of-the box Windows Mobile applications for smartphones and Tablet PCs.

See ArcGIS for Windows Mobile for more information.


ArcGIS for iPhone connects your iPhone to ArcGIS. You can download the ArcGIS iPhone app from the iTunes App Store. You can also use a native Objective-C/Cocoa developer kit to build custom iPhone applications.

See ArcGIS for iPhones for more information.


ArcPad is designed for GIS professionals who want to take GIS capabilities in the field on mobile devices. This provides field-based staff with the ability to capture, edit, and display geographic information remotely. ArcPad can be used for the following:

  • Perform field data collection.
  • Integrate GPS, range finders, and digital cameras.
  • Share enterprise data with field-workers.
  • Improve the productivity of a GIS data collection.
  • Improve the accuracy of GIS data through field verification.

See Using ArcPad for more information.

Source: http://help.arcgis.com