What's new for geocoding in ArcGIS 10
What's new for geocoding in ArcGIS 10

Geocoding engine

The geocoding engine has been redesigned to include the following new features:

  • Addresses can be inputted in a single-line format.
    Finding addresses in single-line input format

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  • Input addresses with spatial offset and locations in latitude-longitude are supported.
    Finding addresses with spatial offset
    Finding locations in latitude and longitude coordinates

    Learn more about finding an address

  • The number of address locator styles is reduced. Locators can be created with or without zone information using the same locator style. Locator styles available in ArcGIS prior to version 10 are replaced with styles designed to work with the new geocoding engine.
    Select Address Locator Style dialog box

    Learn more about address locator styles

  • The new Gazetteer locator style is provided. The Single Field and Gazetteer locator styles support flexible search and handling of names.
  • Each locator style is specified in a single XML file. All geocoding properties and address parsing grammars are defined in the file.
  • Locators support Unicode characters. Customized address locator styles can be created for geocoding international addresses.

Geocoding toolbar

The Geocoding toolbar in ArcMap includes the new Manage Address Locators list and the Address Input box for single-line address matching.

Geocoding toolbar

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Default locators

Default locators are locators that are loaded automatically to the map when you start ArcMap or open a new map document. Default locators are available on the Geocoding toolbar and Find dialog box, and you can use them to find addresses right away. By default, a few geocode services from ArcGIS Online and the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) locator are available as default locators.

Default locators

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Locations tab in Find dialog box

The Locations tab in the Find dialog box replaces the previous Places and Addresses tabs in ArcGIS 9.3.1. The Locations tab supports finding locations for addresses, places, landmarks, or coordinates.

Find dialog box

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Menu options for creating new address locators

Address locators or composite address locators can be created by selecting New from the context menu of any workspace. Then click either Address Locator or Composite Address Locator to open the dialog box for creating the corresponding type of address locator.

Create Address Locator context menu

In addition to file folders and file and personal geodatabases, composite address locators can be created in ArcSDE geodatabases with ArcGIS 10.

Geocoding geoprocessing tools

Two new geocoding tools are added to the Geocoding toolbox:

  • Create Composite Address Locator tool for creating a composite locator that references multiple address locators
  • Reverse Geocode tool for getting addresses for point locations in a feature class

Geocoding toolbox

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