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Landsat 6
Artist's conception of Landsat 6 in orbit.
Launch date October 5, 1993
Carrier rocket Titan II (launch failure; did not achieve orbit)
Launch site Vandenberg AFB SLC-4W

Landsat 6, equipped with upgraded versions of the instruments on its predecessor, was designed to continue the Landsat program. It was launched on October 5, 1993 using a Titan II launch vehicle, but failed to reach orbit.[1] As a consequence, Landsat 4 and Landsat 5 were used well beyond their designed lifespan. Landsat 5 is still active. Landsat 6 omitted the Multi-Spectral Scanner found on its predecessors, but carried an Enhanced Thematic Mapper, which improved on the previous Thematic Mapper by adding a 15m-resolution panchromatic band.[2]