Pixel to ASCII, ERDAS Imagine, Tutorial
Pixel to ASCII - ERDAS Imagine Tutorial

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Export X, Y and Z Coordinates to a Text File. ERDAS IMAGINE users frequently need to convert a raster
image, usually a DEM, to x, y, and z ASCII data. This is easy and automatic in ERDAS IMAGINE.

Software requirements: IMAGINE Essentials

In this example, we will convert a DEM to x, y, and z ASCII data. The image need not be opened in a Viewer to perform this task.

On the ERDAS IMAGINE main menu bar, select Utilities | Convert Pixels to ASCII. The Pixel to Table dialog will open.

In the Pixel to Table dialog, specify your input raster file and select the Add button. The filename of the added file will appear in the Files to export list.

Specify the coordinate type, subset definition (if any), the type of criteria (Subset will default to the entire image, as in this example), and assign a name to the output file.

Click OK and the process will run.

The output is the x, y, and z data in ASCII format, and can be opened in any text editor.

Source: http://www.erdas.com