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GeoEye Information Services

GeoEye Information Service -

Managed services providing your enterprise access to secure, timely and accurate location information

GeoEye Information Services offer global, on-demand subscription access to imagery and other location information. Our new web-based services, EyeQ, can help enterprise organizations share current geospatial intelligence throughout their data network. GeoEye's Marine Services, serving clients since 1997, serve the unique needs of naval and commercial/sport fishing operations worldwide with advanced location mapping and analysis solutions. Find the critical data you need, when you need it, with GeoEye.


GeoEye Information Service -

GeoEye Analytics provides location-based analytics solutions that will help defense, intelligence and homeland security professionals make critical decisions for mitigating risks, assessing threats, and managing assets. End-to-end analytical solutions include a combination of imagery collection capabilities, Analytic Services, Engineering Services and licensed software products.


GeoEye Information Service -

EyeQ is a software-as-a-service platform that provides managed services for searching and acquiring imagery, managing your spatial information and enabling collaborative access across the enterprise. EyeQ offers unparalleled capabilities to discover, visualize and share geospatial information.

Marine Services

GeoEye Information Service -

GeoEye Marine Services provides fish-finding and oceanic data services and products, including oceanographic maps, asset tracking solutions and weather data tailored to the unique needs of commercial fishing and maritime agencies to monitor ocean conditions, vessels and fishing gear.