Arc GIS 9 Troubleshooting Tips - GIS Tutorial
Arc GIS 9 Troubleshooting Tips

Random Installation Errors/Crashes

Make sure the NoExecute (NX) option is turned off if your computer supports it. All Athlon 64, Pentium 4 6xx, Pentium D, and Core chips have this enabled by default. After installation, turn the NX bit back on.

  1. Turn off NX options in the BIOS
  2. Turn off NX options in Windows XP
    1. Click Start → Right-Click My Computer → Click Properties → Advanced → Startup and Recovery → Settings → Edit
    2. Change the boot option /NoExecute=OptIn to /NoExecute=AlwaysOff

Configuring and starting 'standalone' ArcMap GIS License Manager on computer running ArcMap GIS and 'network' License Manager

Situation: Laptop computer needs to run ArcMap using hardware dongle and standalone license manager.

All software components (including License Manager software) are correctly installed. Here are the steps:

  1. Get a hardware dongle (from Rick) and corresponding (to dongle's ID number) License Manager file (all lines including START_LICENSE and END_LICENSE lines),
  2. Be sure that the Wndows Environment (system) variable ARCGIS_LICENSE_FILE exists and has been set to @
  3. Create a folder on C:/ drive named 'flexlm', and place the license file in that folder. Insert dongle in laptop USB port.
  4. Within Windows 7: Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services, double-click the ArcGIS License Manager line in the Services list
  5. and, IF the License Manager is running, select 'Stop the service'.
  6. From ArcGIS/License Manager (9.x) component group, select 'Update License' option.
  7. Follow the wizard menus to locate and read the new license file that you saved to 'c:/flexlm'.
  8. Now, re-start the License Manager:
    1. Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services, double-click ArcGIS License Manager line in Services list, select 'Start the service'.
    2. Within the ArcGIS License Manager (9.x) group, start the License Manager Tools, and select the Server Status tab.
    3. Click the 'Perform Status Enquiry' button. The status window should show that the License Server is running.
    4. Finally, test ArcMap GIS and ArcCatalog applications.

Fixing an Incorrectly Configured License

Should your Arc GIS installation on your computer lack the same features found on another computer, your license file may be incorrectly configured. Before reinstalling the entire application, try this:

  • If they are open, close Arc Map GIS and Arc Catalog
  • Go to All Programs, Arc GIS, Desktop Administrator
  • From the left-hand tree menu, select 'Software Product'
  • Click the ArcInfo (Floating) radio button to activate the complete Arc Info feature set that is part of the NCEAS Arc GIS floating license. click OK.
  • Re-Start Arc Map and Arc Catalog, see whether the 'mising' features are active.

This happened to me with the Coverage feature set. I had only activeated the Arc View floating license, so there were no options underneath the 'Coverage' folder in the ArcToolbox menu. After following the steps above, the Coverage features reappeared.

If you used to use the ArcGIS License Manager and a dongle to supply your Arc MAP GIS installation, but now rely on the NCEAS network's license server, you may be getting this message box at startup: (ESRI.exe: Sentinal Driver not found)

This happens because the License Manager service is still running. To eliminate the message, disable or remove the ESRI Licence Manager, which is implemented as a Windows Service:

  Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services/    Find ArcGIS License Manager service (lmgrid.exe)    Disable the service.       

You could also remove the program entirely, but by merely disabling it, you can restart it if the network-based license manager ever fails...

"Tool Not Licensed" errors

  1. Open ArcMap
  2. click Tools → Extensions
  3. Enable the extensions needed

"Cannot find SERVER hostname in network database" error

The ArcGIS License Manager service is not running. This happens if you do not have the hardware key (dongle) plugged in while the computer starts up or it was unplugged anytime after that. Here are 4 ways to start the service:

  1. Restart the computer with the hardware key plugged in --simple but somewhat time consuming
  2. Start -> All Programs -> ArcGIS -> License Manager (9.x) -> License Manager Tools -> Tab: Service/License File -> click the radio button 'Configuration using Services' which should show 'ArcGIS License Manager' -> choose tab: Start/Stop Reread -> Start Server --ESRI's intended method
  3. Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> right click 'ArcGIS License Manager' -> Start --Windows' GUI method
  4. cmd -> net start "ArcGIS License Manager" --Windows command line method, can be scripted => fast

Warning: The Survey Analyst (Survey) will time out in 7 days

Since 2010 ESRI Arc GIS License File was installed, when users start ArcMap GIS, the following error message appears:

" Warning: The Survey Analyst (Survey) will time out in 7 days"

I think the reason is that the new License File does not include an entry for Survey Analyst.

To disable the message:

  1. Go to ArcMap installation folder: C:\ProgramFiles/ArcGIS/Utilities
  2. Run the program: AdvancedArcMapSettings.exe"
  3. Make the Miscellaneous tab visible
  4. Un-check the "License timeout warning" (lower right corner) box. Note: this will disable ALL such messages.
  5. Click Apply, then Close.
  6. Close and re-start ArcMap GIS to verify the behavior.