Free Download PCI Geomatics
Free Download PCI Geomatics

Welcome to the PCI Geomatics Download page! Here you can download a trial version of Geomatica 10, the latest release of our flagship geospatial software.

Take the time to view a demo movie showcasing selected Geomatica features, and discover the benefits of Geomatica for yourself!

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Demo Data to Use
Constructing and Executing a Simple Model in Batch Mode

Batch generate contours for two images using PCI Modeler.
Download (English) (1.80MB)
Pansharpening in Focus

Fuse high-resolution panchromatic and low-resolution multispectral imagery together to create an enhanced high-resolution color image.





Using PCT layers in Focus
  • view a layer with a pseudo color table (PCT)
  • edit a PCT
  • save a PCT




Scaling raster data.
  • determine the bit depth of a raster channel
  • scale a 16 bit raster channel to 8 bits





Running a statistical overlay
  • create a thematic raster layer
  • run a statistical overlay with two raster layers to determine the mean elevation from a DEM for each landcover class in a thematic raster layer

Raster channels 6 and 10




Collecting stereo GCPs in OrthoEngine
  • collect stereo GCPs from a geocoded ground control source in OrthoEngine

OrthoEngine Sample Data,
disk 1 of 2 airphoto_model.prj
in AIRPHOTO directory.