ERDAS IMAGINE, update, local license file
In ERDAS IMAGINE, how do I update the local license file?

To update the local license file for ERDAS IMAGINE:

  1. From the Start menu, select All Programs, then ERDAS 2010 or ERDAS, then ERDAS-Net Licensing 2010 or ERDAS-Net Licensing, and then License Administration.

    Note: If you are not sure when your ERDAS license expires, select the License Sources folder, and then expand the local folder. Highlight a feature and look for the expiration date under the Properties tab.

  2. In the ERDAS-Net License Admin Tool window, from the File menu, click Load License File.

  3. Click Browse, select the license file (.elf), and then click OK. If you do not have a license file, email the GIS Support Specialists.

  4. You can test the license service by expanding the folder contents, and then selecting a feature such as Imagine Advantage. The number of licenses available will be at least 1, depending on the number of licenses you purchased from UITS.