Remote Sensing Lecture Note in PDF and VIDEO - Lecture Material
Remote Sensing Lecture Note in PDF and VIDEO

Topic 1 - Introduction to Remote Sensing

  • Lecture Video
  • Required Reading - Jensen, Chapter 1
  • Recommended Reading Remote Sensing Tutorial – Overview and Quiz
  • Other Relevant Links
    • Remote Sensing Entry from the IAG Encyclopedia of Geomorphology by Andrew Klein
    • Evelyn L. Pruitt's obituary in the Annals of American Geographers.
      She is credited with coining the term remote sensing and was an amazing geographer.

Topic 2 - Brief History of Remote Sensing

Topic 3 - Basic Principles of Electromagnetic Radiation

Topic 4 - An Introduction to Aerial Photography

Topic 5 - Aerial Photo Interpretation

Topic 6 - Photogrammetry

Topic 7 - Multispectral Remote Sensing

Topic 8 - Thermal Remote Sensing

Topic 9 - Radar Remote Sensing

Topic 10 - LIDAR Remote Sensing

Topic 11 - Digital Image Processing

Basics of Digital Image Processing

Introduction to Image Classification

  • Lecture Materials - Image Cassification
  • Lecture Video - Image Classification
  • Supplemental Reading - Image Classification note by Dr. Klein. This is a *very* rough document which I originally wrote as lecture notes for my Digital Image Processing class, but may help flush out some points note in the slides. The notes do not contain a detailed discussion of maximum likelihood classifiers
  • Required Reading - Digital Image Processing
  • Additional Resources

Topic 12 - Spectroscopy

  • Lecture Materials
  • Lecture Video
  • A good introduction to spectrocopy, especially of earth materials is available at the USGS Spectroscopy wesite
  • The ASTER team also has a spectral libary website
  • The Spectrometer we will be using is from ASD inc. You might wish to check out their website and their support section for documentation on the FieldSpec Pro spectrometer we are using in this class.
  • The book by McCoy, R.M. 2005. Field Methods in Remote Sensing. New York: The Guildford Press. Chapters has quite useful information on taking spectral measurements in the field in chapter 4 & 7. Some of the book may be available online at or it can be obtained from the A&M library.