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Popular GPS Review

Garmin NuLink 1695

The nuLink 1695 is Garmin’s latest entry into the SIM-connected pnd market. While it has it’s roots firmly planted in the nuvi 1xxx line, it grabs some of the latest features from Garmin’s flagship 37xx series.

Combining a 5″ widescreen, live Navteq traffic, Bluetooth, an expanded package of nuLink services and the latest nuRoute features, it’s a good upgrade from Garmin’s only other connected model, the 1690. But how does it match up with Tomtom’s Live models? That’s the same market Garmin is going after with the 1695. After a couple weeks with it (and a side-trip to the Jersey Shore with another moderator, Boyd), here’s what I’ve found so far

Why the Nuvifone Failed

It is pretty simple. Garmin tried to sell a smartphone based on a single application. People instead purchase smartphones based on the entire ecosystem of apps available for each platform. While you can add other apps to the Nuvifone just like any other smartphone, you can more easily add a good navigation app to any other smartphone on the market. People did, and will continue to do so. Doesn’t matter how good the Nuvifone was or how good the navigation was.

Garmin iPhone App?

We’ve been hearing for nearly a year now that Garmin has had an iPhone app in active development, but was holding off releasing it until their mobile handset (Nuvifone) project had clear results. Now that the results are a bit more clear and Garmin seems to be ditching their phone efforts, a Garmin iPhone app (and Garmin Android App too) seem much more likely. That was nearly confirmed today with this quite from Garmin and Asus announcing their break-up.

My Love Hate Relationship with Geocaching

Over the years I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with geocaching. Lately I’ve been drifting more towards the hate side, although I’m still an active participant. My biggest issue is that people don’t seem to think about where the place caches. The impact I see caused by the location of certain caches is turning me away from wanting to be an active participant.

Why You Can’t Reverse a Route

A question that comes up again and again in our GPS Discussion Forums is Why can’t you reverse a route? A similar question with virtually the same answer is Why does my GPS pick a different route when going back to the original starting point? People often notice that a GPS might pick a different route from point B to point A than it does from A to B. Why is this? There are a few reasons.

TomTom Looney Tunes Voices

TomTom has announced a partnership with Warner Bros so that you can now get Looney Tunes™ voices on your TomTom GPS. Starting today you can add Bugs Bunny or Yosemite Sam to your TomTom GPS for about $13 each. Additional voices will be offered later in the Fall including Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Pepé Le Pew.

Garmin Acquires MetriGear for Power

Garmin announced today they have acquired MetriGear, a company specializing in power meters for cyclists. Their products like the Vector are integrated into the spindle of bike pedals and measure watts produced by the cyclist through pressure sensors. No new products were introduced, but it isn’t hard to imagine future Edge products from Garmin integrating this new hardware.

Simplifying Online Maps using LineDrive Line Maps

Recently I was away home meeting with a new friend who needed directions to my home. Not being a GPS owner, they needed good old fashioned directions to my home. So I drew a line map with a few of the important landmarks, a few notable side-streets, and a few indicators of distance. It only took a minute or so to draw, but it made me think about how directions are displayed on online mapping sites and how they could benefit from increased simplicity rather than increased detail. It reminded me of something I’d been shown a few months ago… LineDrive™ Maps

New Motorola Motonav GPS Forum

A few of our more active forum members have started using some of the new Motorola GPS devices such as the Motorola Motonav TN765t which was reviewed by one of our moderators, gatorguy. While I still have doubts about the longevity of Motorola in the GPS market, the device is quite interesting and offers a few unique features as noted in the TN765t review. Conversations in our forums about this new line have been increasing and as a result we’ve added a new Motorola MotoNav Forum to group all of those discussions in one place. So if you’re a Motorola GPS owner in need of peer assistance, or want to help answer questions from others, head on over there and join the conversation.

DeLorme PN-60w SPOT Preview

Last week Chip at DeLorme was kind enough to give me a sneak peak at the new PN-60w SE with SPOT messenger. For those catching up, what is most unique about this setup is that you can send custom text messages from the GPS through a special SPOT messenger. So if you are running late during a major outdoor adventure or have a change of plans you can let people know even if you are well outside of cellphone range.

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