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Geography Quiz Game

Before we begin the LANDSAT GAME (below), we will now demonstrate for you a suggested reasoning strategy involved in identifying this Landsat scene.

Hint: Somewhere in Europe.

The first clue is that there appears to be a large body of water on the right (east) side. Most likely this is an ocean rather than a lake. This alone narrows down the possibilities. The only parts of Europe (stated above as a hint; the images in the game will have similar hints) that would have marine waters to the east would be several areas in Scandinavia (for example, Denmark), Italy' east coast, Spain's east coast, part of Greece, and England, Scotland, and Ireland. There is no obvious variation in topography, thus the land is probably flat, ruling out Greece, and most of Italy. The countryside seems to have mostly farms and some woods. There appears to be a major east-west river that ends in a large estuary. On that river is a large area that looks like a purplish-red blotch (normally the color would be blue in a standard false color composite, but this TM image uses one of the longer wavelength bands that then renders the area in the blotch color). Its relative uniformity suggests a major city. The metropolitan area represented by the blotch is quite large. Too big to be Edinburgh in Scotand (which is on an estuary). Dublin is not inland, but on the Irish Sea, so that is eliminated. In Spain only Barcelona comes to mind as fairly large, but again that city is directly on the Mediterranean. Venice might be a possibility (the river would then seem to be the Po) but it too is much closer to the Adriatic Sea.

So, by progressive narrowing of possibilities, I have been left with very few likely candidates for identifying the region making up the scene. But my knowledge of geography provides me with a plausible answer. The estuary is the key. I happen to know that London is on an east-west river - the Thames - that ends as a large mouth, the Thames estuary. The countryside in southeast England is flat and well-developed - farms and smaller towns. This, then, is my choice, and it is a correct one.

This, then, is the procedure I used to zero in on the location of the Landsat scene. It, or variations, can now be applied to the Landsat scenes that follow (these are scaled to about 100 miles on a side).


Your challenge is to identify where each of the (mainly) Landsat images below is located. Hints are given. No cheating - make your guesses first and then go look at the answers.


Home of Ancient Philosophers and Big Games

Check the answer to this especially for some great information


Allied Invasion from the South; A Coastal Playground


The Meeting of Two Continents (Geographers' arbitrary decision)

Perhaps this scene's identity may become more obvious when it is placed in a larger context, as is done with this computer merge between a Landsat natural color image and topographic data from the SRTM mission.

Or going to the other extreme by looking at the area around the "riverlike" body of water separating the two large "sealike" water bodies. At this meeting of the continents, there is a great city, shown below - famed as a center of Christian Orthodoxy and later important in the Muslim Faith. This is an astronaut photo taken from the International Space Station:

ISS photo.


Tallest Mountain on the Continent; Big-Game Country


Longest Manmade Structure in the World; Note large Square (right)

Check out the Answer to see this Longest Structure.


Asia's famed financial city is at the lower center in blue

(see SPOT 3 closeup below)


UN Home City here; Land of the Yodelers


The War of the 1960s