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IKONOS Satellite Images and Sensor Specifications

Satellite Imaging Corporation (SIC) acquires and processes imagery from satellites worldwide, including the GeoEye-1, Worldview-1, QuickBird, ASTER, EO-1, Landsat TM7 +ETM and SPOT satellites.

Launch of IKONOS Satellite; IKONOS Satellite orbiting Earth

IKONOS Satellite Launch; IKONOS in Orbit

About the IKONOS Satellite

The IKONOS Satellite is a high-resolution satellite operated by GeoEye. Its capabilities include capturing a 3.2m multispectral, Near-Infrared (NIR)/0.82m panchromatic resolution at nadir. Its applications include both urban and rural mapping of natural resources and of natural disasters, tax mapping, agriculture and forestry analysis, mining, engineering, construction, and change detection. It can yield relevant data for nearly all aspects of environmental study. IKONOS images have also been procured by SIC for use in the media and motion picture industries, providing aerial views and satellite photos for many areas around the world. Its high resolution data makes an integral contribution to homeland security, coastal monitoring and facilitates 3D Terrain analysis.

IKONOS Satellite System: Sensor Characteristics

Launch Date 24 September 1999 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA
Operational Life Over 7 years
Orbit 98.1 degree, sun synchronous
Speed on Orbit 7.5 kilometers per second
Speed Over the Ground 6.8 kilometers per second
Revolutions Around the Earth 14.7, every 24 hours
Altitude 681 kilometers
Resolution at Nadir 0.82 meters panchromatic; 3.2 meters multispectral
Resolution 26° Off-Nadir 1.0 meter panchromatic; 4.0 meters multispectral
Image Swath 11.3 kilometers at nadir; 13.8 kilometers at 26° off-nadir
Equator Crossing Time Nominally 10:30 AM solar time
Revisit Time Approximately 3 days at 40° latitude
Dynamic Range 11-bits per pixel
Image Bands Panchromatic, blue, green, red, near IR

IKONOS Stereo Satellite Imagery

The IKONOS Satellite sensor can be programmed to acquire Stereo IKONOS Satellite Image data for the production of Digital Surface Models (DSM's) or Digital Elevation Models (DEM's) with postings of ≤5m. From the Stereo pair the near Nadir scene will be utilized to produce <1m Natural Color Satellite Image mosaic. The DSM/DEM's and IKONOS Image mosaic are used to provide 3D Terrain Visualization for the planning of:

In addition the Geospatial data sets are used to support ongoing operations for Mining, Oil and Gas Exploration and many other applications.

For more details please visit the Stereo IKONOS Satellite section.

Archived IKONOS Imagery

For many image requests, a matching image can already be located in the archives of high-resolution IKONOS imagery from around the world. If no image data is available in the archives, new IKONOS satellite image data can be acquired through a satellite tasking process. For more information and pricing, or to have us search the stock imagery database to see if an archived photo of your area of interest already exists, please visit our Contact Us page.

IKONOS Satellite Services

With our satellite imagery from the IKONOS and other satellites, Satellite Imaging Corp. provides the following services for multiple industries, including oil and gas, agriculture and land management, environmental analysis, and motion pictures:

  • We obtain and provide aerial and satellite images along with professional advice to help you in finding the best solution for your project.
  • We process imagery, including orthorectification, culture extraction, Digital Terrain Models, and raster-to-vector translation.
  • We incorporate third-party service data for Geographic Information System (GIS) projects.
  • We consult on band combinations most appropriate for remote sensing applications, including environmental impact studies (EIS), regional environmental monitoring, and change detection to bring out the geographical and manmade features that are pertinent to your project.
Source: http://www.satimagingcorp.com